What You’ll See at Kruger National Park

If you plan to have a vacation in South Africa, you must remember to visit Kruger National Park. This game reserve is one of the largest in Africa. It is located in Mpumalanga province and Limpopo province. It is the oldest national park in South Africa. The government started to protect this area in 1898. And in 1926, it is officially declared as a national park.

This particular national park offers you with excellent diversity due to its large size. There are many vegetations and wild animal species that you will see while you are having a safari at this national park. If you want to see the Big Five game animals in one place, Kruger is your perfect destination. When you are in this game reserve, you will surely be able to see elephants, rhinos, buffalos, lions, and leopards. This national park has more big mammals compared to other game reserves in Africa.

This game reserve is not only the home of big mammals. It is also the home of birds and reptiles. There are hundreds species of birds that live in this national park. Some of them are ground hornbill, martial eagle, and lappet-faced vulture. When you are visiting this national park, you will have a chance to see crocodiles, African rock pythons, and black mamba.

If you are interested in having a safari in this national park, you need to plan it carefully. Booking a five star safari will make your vacation more unforgettable. However, you must make sure that you book it from the right tour agency. Not all tour agencies offer you with Kruger safari packages that suit your needs. You must also make sure that the agency is trustworthy, experienced, and professional. To determine whether it is the right and the best tour agency, you must browse the agency website carefully and read its review.

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