Interesting Things to Know About San Diego Lawrence Welk Timeshares for Rent

An individual, couple or family hankering for some vacation time in beautiful sunny southern California might be interested in lawrence welk timeshares for rent. Getting away from it all in a serene resort located in the San Diego or Palm Springs areas can be just the ticket for renewal and recharging of mind, body and spirit. These luxurious vacation homes feature an enormous variety of amenities and entertainment opportunities.

Are these resorts actually associated with musician and bandleader Lawrence Welk? They are indeed. Someone who wants to get back to the original Welk resort will choose San Diego, where Mr. Welk bought a motel and golf course in 1964. This vacation setting was eventually expanded by Mr. Welk and his son into today’s deluxe resort. It’s close to beaches and looks out over spectacular mountain scenery.

As younger adults and even middle-aged persons begin to look at possibilities for resort-style timeshares, they may not even realize the significance of Lawrence Welk and his immense popularity with previous generations. Reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show still run on some cable channels, and these individuals might want to take a look and view the old-fashioned, wholesome dance party that characterized these weekly musical events. The show was one of the longest-running in TV history, being on the air from 1955 to 1982. The leader of the band is gone now, but his spirit lives on as people continue to watch those reruns, listen to the music and stay at the resorts.

With this type of background for the timeshares, it’s no wonder that live entertainment is greatly emphasized at the San Diego location and elsewhere. One of the Welk resorts is located in Branson, where the frequency of country music concerts makes this area a tourist destination. Guests at the San Diego Welk Resort will be able to enjoy live theatre presentations, which are ongoing much of the time. Dinner theatre opportunities are offered. Guests might even want to make their reservations depending on which show they’d most like to see. Demand is higher for some of these events, so arranging to stay at the timeshare during those days should be done well ahead of time.

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